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The “Prayers for Oppa” Performer Prayer Challenge

Looking for an easy way to start praying for a performer? Take the Prayers for Oppa Performer Prayer Challenge. All of the prayer challenge topics are drawn from my performer/fan devotional book Prayers for Oppa, which you can purchase directly from me or through other retailers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a performer to pray for. If you don’t have someone in mind, check the Prayers for Oppa Performer Prayer List for suggestions.
  • Choose a prayer challenge template from the list below. Each template focuses on a particular area of performers’ lives (physical, emotional, spiritual, or professional) and offers four weeks’ worth of topics for a one-month prayer challenge.
  • Pray for your performer about the week’s topic once or more during the course of the week. You can pray the corresponding prayer in the Prayers for Oppa devotional book or pray a simple prayer on your own.
  • Send your performer a godly social media message to encourage them about the week’s topic. For example, if the topic is Good Health, you could tweet something like, “Praying God will keep you healthy! Thank you for all your hard work!”
  • Send your performer a Bible verse via social media. It can be about the week’s topic, or it can be a verse that will be generally encouraging to them.
  • On social media, use the hashtag #PrayersForOppa.

Given the negativity and criticism that’s often directed at performers over social media, it would be quite refreshing for them to see Bible verses and prayers showing up in their social media feeds. This is an excellent way to provide meaningful encouragement to performers while deepening your own relationship with God.


Template #1: Physical Well-being

Week 1: Fatigue

Week 2: Good Health

Week 3: Performance Safety

Week 4: Safe Travel


Template #2: Emotional Well-being

Week 1: Loneliness

Week 2: Humility

Week 3: Discouragement

Week 4: Gossip and Rumors


Template #3: Spiritual Well-being

Week 1: Sharing God with Others

Week 2: Fans

Week 3: Taking a Stand

Week 4: Love


Template #4: Professional Well-being

Week 1: Success

Week 2: Fan Service

Week 3: Image

Week 4: Difficulty Getting Work