Prayers for Oppa

A compact, meaningful prayer tool for performers and their fans with a focus on the East Asian entertainment industry, Prayers for Oppa contains 20 devotionals on topics of interest to performers:

  • Giving an outdoor concert on a rainy night? Check out Performance Safety.
  • Feeling pressure due to the expectations of others? Flip to Discouragement.
  • Wondering if you’re presenting yourself to the public in a way that brings God glory? Find what you need in the Fan Service and Image chapters.

Each devotional includes a prayer and applicable Bible verses for fans as well as for performers:

  • Is your favorite performer sick or injured? Turn to the Healing section.
  • Are they going through a tough time in their career? Go to Difficulty Getting Work.
  • Want to support them in their efforts to share their faith? Try Social Media, Sharing God with Others, or Taking a Stand.

Prayers for Oppa also contains a section on how to become a Christian and nurture your relationship with God, as well as suggested talking points for performers who would like to share their faith in interviews.

With its emphasis on cultivating a strong relationship with God through prayer and reading the Bible, Prayers for Oppa offers performers and fans a more meaningful connection with one another and with God. It is an excellent tool for small group studies (especially when combined with the Prayers for Oppa Performer Prayer Challenge) as it offers a unique way to deepen one’s relationship with God and share Jesus with others.

Prayers for Oppa is available in print, ebook, and audio formats. For purchase information, click here.

Have a prayer request for a performer? Contact me via the Prayers for Oppa Twitter account. Due to the volume of prayer requests I receive, it is unlikely that I will be able to personally respond to or share every request, but I will do my best to do so for as many as possible.