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What people are saying about “Prayers for Oppa”

“I’m going to get baptised (the believer baptism) this Sunday. Amen. Prayers for Oppa helped me in my journey.”

– @Adryanaeonnie, SS501 fan on Twitter


I really like the easy-to-follow format of the prayers for the performer and for the fans. I especially like how each prayer included a Bible verse in it followed by another verse, and there are additional verses at the back of the book as well. With this format, I feel that it makes a greater connection between us and God as we lift up the artist in prayer, and also for the artist and the fans. I think the topics were well-chosen to be applicable to various situations/experiences, and it was interesting to see the suggestions made in the ‘Talking Points for Interviews’ section. Overall, I thought it was a really well-thought-out devotional and I could see the time and effort that you put into this book.”

Lisa, Brian Joo Canadian/International Fanbase and 3RD WAVE MUSIC Digital Representative


“I am looooving it!! I’m keeping a prayer journal along with the devotional. Thanks for a great book truly!”

“I love that you point out how God is so creative & places us in different positions to shine. ‘Ministry’ doesn’t mean just being behind a pulpit. God puts us all in unique places – I love you see that opportunity.

– Both from @writer_korea, Associate Writer for, on Twitter. Check out her online prayer journal, Praying for Donghae, inspired by Prayers for Oppa.


“I got my copy a few weeks ago and absolutely love this book! It’s a great way to pray for your favorite stars and gives you wonderful guidance in how to pray for them. I love the section for the performer because the advice is something that can apply to my own life as well. The section for fans is great, too, because it truly helps you pray for your favorite stars. The Bible verses have all been picked out with great thought and shows how much time and effort have gone into this book and the topics. I really recommend this book if you’re a fan of K-pop or J-pop (or even a different time of music, etc.).

Some people might find it strange to pray for your favorite performers, but why not? If they are Christians already, they need the prayer to be strong and stay the course among the difficulties of the entertainment world. They would appreciate the prayers very much and it’s no different than praying for any other brother or sister in Christ who has the opportunity to shine for Him in a public setting. And if they are not Christians, well, then they need your prayers just as much, if not more!

If we pray for politicians and leaders, why shouldn’t we pray for these people who are in the spotlight and can use their influence to reach many people? This is how I’ve always thought before and this is exactly why I was so happy to find this book!

I just finished previewing Teresa Santoski’s “Prayers for Oppa: From K-pop to J-pop, A Devotional for Performers and Their Fans.” It’s only fair to tell you that I know Teresa. She and I are part of the same fiction critique group. It’s also fair to say that we had no input on this particular work, which Teresa wrote during a brief hiatus from our group.
I remember the night she returned and told us “Prayers for Oppa” was being published. She was so excited. I also remember our response. “Prayers for who?” She patiently explained the name. (It’s in the book, so I won’t explain it here.) Then, when she described her intended audience – East Asian performers and their fans – she was met by a table of blank faces all thinking, “Huh? Why would someone in New Hampshire write a book for East Asian performers and their fans?”
But Teresa knew what she was doing. And she did it, as she does all things, well. As I read each of the topical devotionals, I found myself applying the lessons, prayers, and verses to my life. And believe me, I am about as far away from a J-pop or K-pop performer as one can get. And since I’m not even sure I’ve heard that style of music, I can’t consider myself a fan.
But I am a fan of Teresa’s. “Prayers for Oppa” is a well thought-out and prayed-over devotional. Her topics are universal. Her writing style is simple and intelligent. Her message is kind, not condescending. She speaks the truth in love.
Usually when I review a friend’s book, it goes on a special shelf in my office. Not so with Teresa’s. It’s sitting by my Bible to use. Whether you are an East Asian performer, a writer, a pastor, a teacher or a plumber, this devotional will speak to your soul.