Now in heavy rotation: Shadwell and Regina Spektor

When I’m in the early stages of writing and editing, listening to music often makes these parts of the creative process a little less daunting. These two songs have been in my rotation a lot these days, and I find myself listening to them even when I’m not working because I enjoy them just that much.


Boston-based electric singer-songwriter Shadwell has been writing and performing his own music for over a decade, and it shows in the quality of his polished, pensive discography. “Don’t Bite Your Tongue” is a fine example, giving encouragement (and a little kick in the pants) to a girl who has trouble saying what’s on her mind.

This song is slated for an upcoming EP, so right now you can only hear “Don’t Bite Your Tongue” live and in those two YouTube clips. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing Shadwell live. I’ve done so twice, and he consistently puts on an excellent show – his music and performance are solid, and he definitely has a gift for connecting with his audience.

For more information, check out Shadwell’s website and Facebook page.

Regina Spektor – “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” (third video in the playlist)

Based in New York City, singer-songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor is associated with the anti-folk movement. According to Urban Dictionary, anti-folk “… mocks the seriousness and pretension of the established mainstream folk scene, and also mocks itself.”

“Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” is a fantastic example of a song that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the music video does an excellent job of underscoring that. It has a quirky, playful vibe, and everything that happens in it is so delightfully odd.

Spektor has an impressive vocal range, and in this song, she keeps it light and lovely. The hooks in “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” are positively addictive, with Spektor’s skillful piano-playing taking a backseat to trumpets and electronic effects. Even if you don’t speak French, I guarantee you’ll be singing along with the chorus in no time.

To learn more about Spektor and her music, visit her official website.

What’s at the top of your playlist these days?

– Teresa Santoski

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