Three tips for writing the perfect fan letter

Many fans want to send letters to their favorite performers, but it can be difficult to know what to include in such a letter. Is it OK to confess if you have a crush on them? Should you tell them about your problems or your daily life? Can you ask them to do an event in your area?

Below are my three tips for writing a fan letter that will be an encouragement to the performer and leave him or her with a positive impression of its writer.

  • Tip #1: Choose your words wisely.

One of the reasons performers continue to do what they do is because their fans support them and their work. A fan letter, therefore, should be utilized as a means of communicating that support.

Feel free to express your affection, respect and admiration for the performer and what he or she does. I would kindly advise you to refrain, however, from expounding on your undying love for the performer and your desire to marry him or her someday.

Though it may be flattering to the performer to read about your infatuation with him or her, there are so many other things you can write that will make more of a difference in his or her life. The power of words cannot be underestimated – they have the power to lift spirits, transform lives. Choose words and topics that will have a beneficial impact on the performer who reads them.

Talk about how much you enjoyed his latest single and how impressed you were to find out he composed it himself. Mention how wonderful her acting was in her last movie and how her deathbed scene had your entire family in tears. Share a Bible verse that they might find helpful or encouraging and tell them that you’re praying for them.

  • Tip #2: A performer cannot fix your life.

It is very tempting to believe that if only you had the right relationship in your life – in this case, a friendship or romantic relationship with your favorite performer – everything would be fine. You would never feel sad or lonely or misunderstood, and his or her friendship or love would right every wrong that has ever been done to your heart.

Unfortunately, no human relationship can provide this degree of healing and unconditional love – none of us are perfect, and even on our best days, we still fall short of the mark. The only relationship that can fix our aching hearts and see us safely through life’s challenges is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I ask that you please consider that before you pour out your heart in your letter, telling your favorite performer about all of your heartaches and difficulties. Even though their professional image may present them as the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, remember that you are writing to a real person with a real heart who struggles with their own problems and disappointments.

Instead, pour out your heart to God in prayer – He is the only one who can truly address our concerns, and the only consistent source of love, strength, comfort and healing.

  • Tip #3: Let the performer know your support extends beyond your written words.

If you would like your favorite performer to have an event in your area, tell them. If your friends are also fans of that performer and would attend an event, let the performer know that, too. He or she may not be aware that they have a fanbase in your locale, and they may share this information with their management when it comes time to plan their schedule.

There are, of course, numerous ways to write a fan letter and many different topics upon which you can touch. If you keep these three tips in mind, however, you will have a fan letter that you can be proud to send to your favorite performer – and a fan letter that your favorite performer will be very pleased to read.

– Teresa Santoski

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