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Now in heavy rotation: Shadwell and Regina Spektor

When I’m in the early stages of writing and editing, listening to music often makes these parts of the creative process a little less daunting. These two songs have been in my rotation a lot these days, and I find … Continue reading

Bible verse translations for performers and fans

No matter what challenges we may face in our lives, the Bible has wisdom that will guide, comfort and help us. Sometimes, in order to understand how very explicitly God’s Word applies to our particular situations, we need a bit … Continue reading

Three tips for writing the perfect fan letter

Many fans want to send letters to their favorite performers, but it can be difficult to know what to include in such a letter. Is it OK to confess if you have a crush on them? Should you tell them … Continue reading

Remembering God’s ‘peculiar mercies’ at Christmastime

With Christmas just around the corner, I am reminded of the very personal ways in which God has acted in my life over this past year. Remembering these actions, I have discovered, helps me to appreciate afresh His most personal … Continue reading

Lost Words: the holiday edition

Looking to spice up your holiday vocabulary? Try out these gems from the Compendium of Lost Words, courtesy of one of my favorite language resources, The Phrontistery. Though these words exited everyday use centuries ago, they have a certain flair and … Continue reading

When authors love their characters

One of the most interesting things I learned as an English major probably was not what that professor hoped I would take away from his class. We were discussing Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” – considered an important work of … Continue reading