Why it matters how performers use social media

South Korea experienced a national tragedy last month when the Sewol ferry sank. Of the 476 people who were on board the ferry, 276 have been confirmed dead. The majority of the passengers were students and teachers from Danwon High School in Ansan.

Performers in the South Korean entertainment industry took to their social media accounts, asking their fans to pray for those affected by the disaster and for the nation as a whole. As a result, thousands, if not millions, of people prayed.

Due to the varying amount of coverage the incident received around the world, some of these people may not have known about the ferry’s sinking and responded in prayer if they had not heard about it through a performer’s social media account.

That kind of influence is tremendous. Just a few brief words from a performer and countless people are moved to pray. And the effect of those prayers – for comfort, for courage, for healing – no one can fathom.

Imagine the spiritual impact that performers can have if they think of their social media activity as a ministry, not only in times of crisis but on a daily basis.

Because of their fame and the level of admiration their fans have for them, what performers say tends to carry more weight. I have seen a single Bible verse tweeted by a single performer strengthen and refresh numerous fans, even encouraging some who had fallen away from their faith to recommit themselves to God.

Imagine if, in addition to using social media to promote their own work, performers also made it their priority to use social media to bring glory to God. The results, I believe, would surely be in keeping with Ephesians 3:20–21 (NIV):

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

What do you think about performers and social media? In what ways do you think performers could use social media to bring God glory?

– Teresa Santoski


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